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Model #117 - Sensor Probe

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Model #117 Sensor Probe is a plastic block (1/2x1/2x2 inches) with two stainless steel sensor pins that extend 1/2 inch beyond the plastic block. When mounting the sensor probe, do not let the pins touch any surface, since a small amount moisture can activate the detector.

Model #417 is an audible detector that provides a loud 92 db signal when water is detected. This model can operate on 6-12 vdc. Power can be supplied externally or with a 9 vdc transistor battery that can be installed inside the control.

Battery life is the shelf life unless the detector has alarmed.

The sensor probe can be mounted up to 100 feet from the control module. When the water level drops below the sensor probe, The Informer resets and the audible signal is silenced.


Audible Alarm - No current draw at stand-by

Accepts two sensor probes - Adjustable sensitivity

Three position switch (test and on/off) - Internal or external dc power

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Audible - Water Sensor
Audible Zone, The Informer

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