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The Informer
Detects water where you least want it. Ideal for protecting from sump pump failure, surface water, broken pipes, air-conditioning and tank leaks.

Whether fatigue or freezing, broken water pipes are a major cause of water damage. Sinks in residential /commercial or pipes running through ceilings in institutional buildings, "The Informer"water detection system can give you immediate warning of impending disaster.

For twenty years, C.A.M Co. Inc. has provided the ultimate in water detection. Unique electronic circuitry can detect small amounts of water with low voltage/low current.

Depending on the model you choose, the detector can provide a loud audible alarm or a relay output to communicate to an alarm system or run auxiliary equipment. All sensors use a special detection probe that can be mounted up to 100 ft. from the control module. All detectors require external DC power.

C.A.M.Co. has the right detection system to meet your needs, From single zone to multi-zone, "The Informer" can provide water protection in:

Computer Rooms
Treatment Plants
Retail Stores
Storage Areas






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Audible - Water Sensor
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