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The Sea Sentry will let you know of a high water condition in the bilge compartments of small and large boats. If the boat is taking on more water than the bilge pump can handle or if the bilge pump fails, Sea Sentry will let you know before your feet get wet.

Sea Sentry will sound the alarm (audibly and visually) when water reaches the sensor. You set the desired point of alarm by sensor location. A built-in time delay prevents false alarms due to normal water movement in the bilge compartments.

The Sea Sentry has a flush mounted control (with stainless steel dash plate) that can be installed in the cockpit or cabin. The water sensing probe can be mounted in the engine compartment or other bilge areas.

Each Sea Sentry comes complete with stainless mounting hardware and 25 feet of shielded sensor probe cable. Special lengths over 25 feet are available. An additional sensing probe for a second bilge area can be added.


No mercury switches - On/Off Switch

Red LED for alarm - Time-delay eliminates false alarm

Green LED for power indication - Loud 92 db audible alarm signal

Test Switch - Automatic reset

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