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Multi-Zone Detectors - These systems offer the ultimate in water detection. Model #2000 and #2600 6-zone systems use the same time-proven detection circuits as the single zone models.

Each zone can be adjusted for a sensitivity to detect moisture or water. Upon detection, the appropriate zone LED illuminates, the audible alarm sounds and a relay provides a dry contact output. Each zone can accept two sensor probes, providing up to twelve protected areas.

Model #2000 Each zone will reset automatically once the water drops below the sensor probe. This system provides a Form "C" relay output and an audible alarm silence switch.

Model #2600 provides lock-on zones that require manual resetting when water drops below the sensor. This allows the owner to determine which zone activated if a water condition occurred and then corrected itself. On Alarm, each zone provides its own relay closure for pinpoint location from a central station.

"Form C" - A system relay (PN260) can be added that activates when any of the 6 zones go into alarm.

Both models require external power.

Model # 2000
Model # 2600
Zones reset automatically Form "C" relay output - Zones lock-on/Reset manually
Audible alarm on activation
LED status per zone
LED alarm status per zone
Dry contact relay closure per zone
LED power indicator
Audible silence switch
Audible silence switch Test switch
Audible alarm on activation
LED power indicator
Optional system relay #260

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