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Dry-Contact water detectors are our most popular model! This single zone detector is ideal for protecting one or two areas.

The sensor probe is attached to the control module and placed at the location to detect water. The probe can be mounted using screws or tie-wrapped to a water pipe.

When water touches the sensor probe The Informer goes into alarm and activates the "Form C" relay. When water falls below the sensor probe, all detectors reset automatically. Sensitivity can be adjusted to detect water or moisture.

Single zone detectors are available in various DC voltages. Model #217-6vdc, Model #317-12 vdc and Model #617-24 vdc. All detectors require external power (not provided) and comes with one sensor probe. An additional probe (PN117) can be added.


Form "C" dry contact output

No current draw at stand-by

Adjustable sensitivity

Accepts two sensor probes

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