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New Product Information:

Water Supply Shut-Off Valve
For residences with city water.

Model #3000 Water No-Go valve is the perfect companion for The Informer water detector. When a water leak is detected, The Informer can activate the new solenoid controlled water valve that is installed in your home water supply line.

The Shut-Off valve can also be controlled with the optional wall mounted switch with indicator light (#3030). For peace of mind when leaving the residence, just flip the switch and the water supply is shut off. When you return, just flip the switch to open your water valve.

Model #3000 Water No-Go valve is an industrial grade solid brass valve that is UL approved for drinking water. The water Shut-Off valve, manufactured by B&I LLC, has standard ¾" NPT threads.

The Shut-Off valve is in the open condition when no voltage is applied. When The Informer detects water or the optional #3030 wall switch is turned on, the valve closes and shuts off the water supply. When The Informer resets or when the switch is turned off, the valve opens.



  • Threads ¾" NPTFlow rate 50 GPM @ 60 psi
  • Control voltage 115 volts ac
  • Power when activated 7 watts
  • Maximum Pressure 145 psi
  • Switch 15 amp @ 125 volts ac
  • Switch light 1.25 watts @ 125 volts ac


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Model 3000 Water Valve